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2 x Sang Priest with Jump Pack & CombiMelta

2 x 5 Sang Guard with 2 Inferno Pistols, Fist

2 x 10 RAS with 2 Meltaguns, Fist

2 x Stormravens with Plasma Cannon, MultiMelta, Extra Armour (1 has Locator Beacon)

Dante goes with a RAS squad with a Sang Priest and DS on Turn 2 if possible. They pop a tank/squadron on either flank, trying to minimise LOS to them. The other Sang Priest goes with a squad of Sang Guard.

If I go first the Ravens deploy forward, move Flat Out and fire their Melta at any transports in range to open them up to allow the Sang Guard jump them the following turn.

If I go 2nd the entire army will head into Reserve to deny the enemy at least 2 turns of shooting at my little force. The Beacon on the Raven allows me the option of combat squadding one of the RAS in order to get an accurate late drop with an objective grabber or an early accurate drop for bagging tanks.

It bombs down one side and focuses on that flank until its destroyed and rolling along the enemy line. I've got little problem taking out vehicles with 13 Melta weapons but Nids will cause this problems as I've no way of taking down T6 W6 Monsters through torrenting with small arms fire. Hordes are a pain also as I can get tarpitted by expendable units before enemy combat units rush me but at least the units can put up a fight before they go down.

I've not bothered with psychic protection either as Dante will pick the psyker most likely to cause problems and cause him to lose a wound with his gimp mask. Marine psykers will usually die if they Perils while other ones will be more cautious if they Perils and suffer damage.

With 4 to 6 scoring units objective missions aren't much of a problem for this list. The main thing is losing out on the first two turns but its worth not being shot at.

Any suggestions for changes?
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