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Hey it's late, so please read a smile with this... I swear I'm not trying to be a douche.

Njial is sort of a waste of points... I think you'd be better off with two Rune Priests.
Termies are too expensive in Wolf Lists... Basic Termie Assault Squad costs 115 points more than codex... seems like you're not playing to the codex's strength - I think Codex Marines can do the big rock much cheaper and more effectively...
705 points in one uber unit is not a good allocation of resources
Vindicators aren't all that good normally... when compared against the Long Fang pack with 5 ML for 25 more points, it just don't seem worth it.
Two troops aint enough at 1750 - You'll get popped early in the game and then get torrented. Also, if you're playing an objective mission, one group will be hanging out on the objective all game.
You have no long range punch.
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