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and fists on grey hunters are worthless. 25 points for 1 attack, 2 on the charge?
not worth it.
Actually it would be 2 and 3, since all GHs have CCW and pistol, but in spirit with this suggestion, for 3 points more each, you could change those GH with fists to WG pack leaders with fist and combi-weapons without even changing your KP total. Or, for 8 points per squad you could change the fist to a PW AND swap in a WG pack leader with PW and combi-weapon, giving you 4-6 PW attacks in CC.

I see what you want to do with the Vindicators, I suspect you have had luck with them in the past; likely castling them up behind your other tanks. I like stormcaller on my runepriests in this type of situation for the cover save for nearby models, so having more is nice in that aspect. If your opponents are savvy however, they will give your vindis the 2 foot bubble and pick you apart from range or land deep strikers on your teaparty
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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