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With those 100 points I would buff up your grey hunter squads. Give them MotW and standards and they will be much more vicious.

Since this seems to be an assault oriented list I'm a little worried about the vindicators since those pie plates may end up being the end of you. If they work from your experience then go for it but I prefer long fangs on almost all occasions. The ability to split fire and take cheap missile launchers is awesome.

I'm also concerned that you only have two troop choices at 1750. I would opt for three or more as the space wolves troops are probably the best in the game. To add one more I would probably drop Arjac as that should free up another 188 points. With those extra points and the points left over from upgrading your initial troops you could prolly afford one more squad of grey hunters (perhaps not quite fully kitted out though).

About Njal, I don't want to change your list too drastically but where were you planning on putting him? His Lord of Tempests ability requires he have line of sight to his target (as well as his other shooting powers) and that will not be happening from inside the land raider. Perhaps you could put him in the third troop rhino I suggested. I like Njal and he is a lot of fun, just be careful with how you use him since he costs an arm and a leg.
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