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So this is irrelevant to your final goal but the first list you have is bad because your assault terminators have to foot slog all over the board, I believe the general consciences is that assault terminators need a land raider to get to targets else don’t bring them to the table.

More on topic though; your final list has a lot of troops, 42 to be exact. My 1500 point list has 20 just to give you an idea as to why I say that’s a lot. It defiantly is a good way to get a lot of Razorbacks on the table though, and I can see some people making poor targeting decisions when faced with so many razorbacks and ML combat squads, but I guess what matters is how do you plan to use them and why do you think you need that many?

I like the concept though so let us know how play testing goes.

And @ vonklaude: MM on Tac squads is something I don’t agree with. Keep in mind that it’s a heavy weapon and that it has a short range. So to use it you have to get in range ie. move(doesn’t mater how) which means you then can’t shoot it until next turn so if your opponent is smart he’ll move out of range and then you won’t be able to shoot.
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