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I have been playing 40k for a while now and have always been fascinated with the Eldar. So I have finally decided to put together a list based upon Craftworld Mymeara. I would like to make sure that it is good in a competitive scene before I start purchasing kits. The list is 1750pts in a CAD and I have included shadow spectres and Irilyth from Imperial Armour 11 who I wish to keep in the list for fluff purposes.

Combined arms detachment


· Shadow Spectre Jetpack and Spectre Holo-Field
· Prism Rifle
· Power Sword
· The Phoenix Gem
· Shuriken Pistol
· Mandiblasters



· 10 men and a Warlock Skyrunner
· 10 Scatter lasers
· Warlock Skyrunner-singing spear

Dire Avengers-160pts
· 10 men
· Exarch-power weapon and shimmer shield

Fast Attack

Shadow Spectres-275pts
· 10 men
· Exarch-prism blaster

Crimson Hunter-160pts
· Exarch
· 2 Starcannons
· Pulse laser

Heavy Support
· Ghostglaive
· 2 bright lances
· 2 Shuriken catapults

Lord of War
Wraith Knight-335pts
· 2 scatter lasers
· Suncannon and scattershield

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