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Raven Guard Chapter Tactics
(2HQ, 2E, 2T, 2FA, 2HS. 1 Fortification)

Captian = 160 pts
Artificer armour, Combi-Melta, Relic blade, Jump Pack.

Librarian 90 pts

Vanguard Veterans x5 = 205 pts
Storm shield, 2x Plasma pistol, Power axe, Power sword, Power fist, Jump packs.

Dreadnought = 120 pts
Power fist, Storm bolter, Assault cannon.

Tactical Squad x10 = 140 pts
Bolt guns, Bolt pistols. Combat Squad.

Scout Squad x10 = 130 pts
Bolt pistol, CCW. Combat squads, Camo cloaks.

Fast Attack
Stormtalon Gunship #1 = 140 pts
Twin-linked Assault cannon, Twin-linked lascannon.

Stormtalon Gunship #2 = 145 pts
Twin-linked Assault cannon, Typhoon ML.

Heavy Support
Stormraven Gunship = 235 pts
Twin-linked Plasma cannon, Twin-linked Multi-melta, 4x Stormstrike missiles, hurricane bolters, Extra armour.

Stormeagle Gunship Roc = 315 Pts
Twin-linked Vengeance launcher Roc, 2x Twin-linked Lascannon, Twin-linked Heavy bolters.
Legacy of Glory : Isstvan V.

Aegis defense line = 70
Comms relay

My thoughts:

This list if for the Norcon tournament. The basic idea is to play with 4 Raven Guard flyers and make it competitive and fun. My force is split up into three groups, one deployed, and two reserve, flyer groups.

Deployed (320 pts)
Scout Squad x10
Aegis defense line

My deployed units at the start of the game are my 10 scouts and a dreadnought. These guys only duty to my overall strategy is to live until my half of turn 2. Anything beyond this will be an extra bonus. My first thought is to deny a flank and deploy in a corner far away from the bulk of my opponent. The Scouts will deploy behind the Aegis defense line and along with their turn 1 stealth, due to Raven Guard CT, should have a 2+ cover save. The Dreadnought will try and fend off any hard charging alpha strike. Any survivors of this group will expect to be evacuated/ redeployed via the Stormraven, once it parts ways with the Captain and Vanguard. They can then be used to grab objectives late game.


Group A, (740 pts)
Vanguard Veterans x5
Stormraven Gunship
Stormtalon Gunship #1

The plan with them is to zoom around the table to get air superiority. The Raven will hover for a turn, as early as possible, to unload the Jump troops. After that, evacuate any survivors form the deployed units. My Captain and co will search for softer targets of opportunity. They are not powerful enough to take out a "Death Star" but can finish one off once they are softened up by the flyers.

Group B, Deepstrike (545 pts)
Tactical Squad x10
Stormeagle Gunship Roc

The Roc pattern Stormeagle gunship is form the Imperial Armour 2, 2nd edition. I gave it the Legacy of Glory : Isstvan V. This extra ability makes it so that it will never deviate if and when it Deep strikes. After the zooming, deepstrike, I plan on off loading the Tactical combat squad for late game Objective grabbing. The initial dreepstrike can either be to give cover to my other flyers, should i feel the need or to drop behind something big and nasty. 2 twin liked Las cannon, and the Missiles to back armour can ruin some things day.

Group C (145 pts)
Stormtalon Gunship #2

This solo flyer group will try and draw any interceptor shots, by being my first unit i bring on from reserves. If I can bring a dataslate AND a fortification then i will add this flyer to my other Talon and Raven to form a Storm Wing.

I have played with this basic army for a a couple games and have found its major weakens is not surviving until my half of Turn 2. Once the Flyers show up i am very competitive. Some people take no flyers or anti air at all. I don't see how i loose to that. Some take one anti air tank or maybe a flyer. These are the forces i built the list to deal with, 4 flyers of my own gives me a strong advantage in any dogfight. Also all of my flyers have strafing run so that's BS 5 against all ground units. I have not played against anyone with 2 or more dedicated air fighting units but i have a feeling their wont be many of those for some time.

Another clear weakness in the list is its low numbers of Troops or scoring units. This was intentional and some what necessary to fit the 4 flyers in. The jump troops are also necessary for the theme of the Raven Guard Chapter Tactics of which i play exclusively. I Let my foe go first if i can help it so i have the last turn. I may have few troops but the two units i have in my Stormeagle can control two objectives at the end, if i play my cards right. Also two of my flyers are fast attack and two Heavy support for when the mission allows them to score. What ever the case this is a known weakness and the fun is in overcoming it to win.

July 25th and end Sunday July 27th 2014.
Rounds: 3
Points: 1750
Single Force Org
Single Allied detachment, fortification or dataslate allowed.

You are allowed one Forgeworld Warhammer 40K approved unit in your main FOC. No Forgeworld fortifications or stationary turrets(units that cannot move on their own).

‘We are the skyborne, the angels macabre, the death that strikes from above. We cut the life-cords of our foes even before they realize the mortal danger they are in. We are the storm incarnate, and we will not be denied.’
– Captain Hougandez of the Mortifactors
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