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Raven Guard Chapter Tactics
(1+1HQ, 2E, 2T, 2FA, 2HS) ~Storm Wing Dataslate~

HQ 13.43 %
Captain = 160 pts
Artificer armour, Combi-melta, Relic blade, Jump pack.

Techmarine = 75 pts
Artificer armour, Servo-Harness, Bolt gun, Bolt pistol, Frag + Krack Grenades.

Elites 18.57 %
Vanguard Veterans x5 = 205 pts
Storm shield, 2x Plasma pistol, Power axe, Power sword, Power fist, Bolt pistol, Chain swords, Frag + Krack Grenades, Jump packs.

Dreadnought = 120 pts
Power fist, Storm bolter, Assault cannon.

Troops 25.14 %
Tactical Squad x10 = 260 pts
Veteran sg, Plasma Pistol, Power Axe, Plasma gun, Lascannon, Bolt guns, Bolt pistols, Frag + Krack Grenades.
Combat Squad.
Drop Pod: Locator Beacon.

Tactical Squad x10 = 180 pts
Power Fist, Flamer, Heavy Bolter, Bolt guns, Bolt pistols, Frag + Krack Grenades.
Combat Squad.

Fast Attack 15.14%
Stormtalon Gunship #1 = 140 pts
Twin-linked Assault cannon, Twin-linked Lascannon.

Stormtalon Gunship #2 = 125 pts
Twin-linked Assault cannon, Skyhammer ML.

Heavy Support 27.71 %
Stormraven Gunship = 200 pts
Twin-linked Plasma cannon, Twin-linked Multi-melta, 4x Stormstrike missiles.

Stormeagle Gunship = 285 pts
Twin-linked Vengeance launcher, 2x Twin-linked Lascannon, Twin-linked, Heavy bolters.

My thoughts:

This list if for the Norcon tournament. The basic idea is to play with a Raven Guard 7th Company themed force, make it Fluffy, competitive and fun. The 7th Company in a Codex compliant Chapter is a Reserve Tactical. From the 6th ed Codex we learn 'Squads of the 7th Company are trained to fight with Stormtalons'. I expand that to include the other gunships, the Raven and Eagle in my fleet. I hope to go 2nd and let my enemy deploy 1st. My entire force is held in reserve. Also i would like to have my list get close to what the rumors are for 7th Ed. I have 25% troops and am under 25% everything else except HS. Even there i'm at 27%. I would also like to think i have a good over all Composition

Reserves 100%

Group A, (260 pts) 15 %
Tactical Squad x10
My lone Drop pod will come down on my half of turn 1. I hope to use it to secure a Landing zone for my Storm Eagle and a beach head for my Raven held units to assault from. If that's is not a option then i will try and land as far away from my enemy as i can, grab a objective and let the Lascanon have a effect of the game.

Group B, Storm Wing Formation, (1025 pts) 58 %
Vanguard Veterans x5
Stormraven Gunship
Stormtalon Gunship #1
Stormtalon Gunship #2

This is my main battle group. The Stormwing dataslate allows all of theses units to come on together with one reserve roll. All of the flyers get Strafing run witch i plan on using to neutralize any anti air units. The Raven will hover for a turn, as early as possible, to unload the Jump troops and Dreadnought. My Captain and co will search for softer targets of opportunity. They are not powerful enough to take out a 'Death Star', but can finish one off once they are softened up by the flyers.

Group C, Deepstrike (465 pts) 27 %
Tactical Squad x10
Stormeagle Gunship

The Stormeagle gunship is form the Imperial Armour 2, 2nd edition. After the zooming, deepstrike, the plan with it is to zoom around the table to get air superiority. I plan on off loading the Tactical combat squad for Objective grabbing, or to assist the other units in a assault. The initial dreepstrike should be within 6' of my drop pod to take advantage of the Locator Beacon.

July 25th and end Sunday July 27th 2014.
Rounds: 3
Points: 1750
Single Force Org
Single Allied detachment, fortification or dataslate allowed.

You are allowed one Forgeworld Warhammer 40K approved unit in your main FOC. No Forgeworld fortifications or stationary turrets(units that cannot move on their own).

‘We are the skyborne, the angels macabre, the death that strikes from above. We cut the life-cords of our foes even before they realize the mortal danger they are in. We are the storm incarnate, and we will not be denied.’
– Captain Hougandez of the Mortifactors
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