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Mission: Take and Hold

Somewhere between 1900 and 1930/ 7pm-7:30

I fielded my Iron Snakes:
Codicier w/ veil of Time
4 tac squads, apothecaries, true grit, furious charge [10 marines/squad]
2 assault squads [10 marines/squad], SL has 2 PF.
Venerable dread as an elite. AC, SB and PF.

Eric (a great player, awesome guy) fielded his Deathguard.

HQ Sorc.
3 DG squads in rhinos
1 Dread
1 Predator
squad of Termies
Daemons in reserve.

I won the go-first roll...


Tac squads stay put, both assault squads started their rush to the defiler.

Missle Launcher firing Krak, took out the battle cannon of the Defiler first shot.

Next a Heavy Bolter Blew Up a Rhino, killing a Deathguard guy.

Blew up the dread with the AC of MY dread

Picked off a Terminator with a Heavy Bolter.

Knocked out the linked bolters of the other Rhino.

Awesome first shooting round.

The Deathguard turn one, was pretty uneventful.
Drove up the rhino with the blown off bolters, dropped off some deathguard about 12 " away from my left flank (weakside).
He moved a squad of deathguard up on to the objective.

The defiler turned and shot the autocannons, didn't kill anything.

Terminators fire autocannons, killed one guy (I autosaved via Apothecary)

Marines fired at squads and only dropped one marine due to apothecaries and a lack of concentrated fire.


Assault marines are barrelling down my right side towards the defiler. Unfortunately I came up short and couldn't assault.
I shifted the tac squad that scored the hit on the defiler towards the center as that's where the action was going to be.
Shifted the far left tac squad back to stay away from the deathguard and jkeep them in shooting range but out of assault range.
The other tac squads held the center, firing up the squad holding the objective, cutting them down to only a few guys.
Picked off another terminator.

The dread hosed down several more deathguard (the ones who evacuated the rhino).

The deathguard defiler charged in to the first assault squad and killed two. Fighting simultaneously the Vet Sgt with 2 powerfists, going last cored out the defiler, leaving it a dead hulk.

The rhino that dropped off guys last turn moved to my line and blocked LoS. of my heavy weapons (tricksy bastard).

Deathguard picked off a couple marines (after saves and Apothecaries)

The Predator picked off a tac marine.

His Sorcerer attempted a psyker power, but got shut down my my Librarian and his Psychic Hood.

Plaguebearers arrived and charged my tac marines. I lost a couple, he lost a couple.


Moved the Assault Squad to threaten his back flank: shoot up his Sorcerer and the remaining two dudes in one squad.

I shoot at the rhino, but miss.

Charge in some tac marines to help with the daemons.

Move up the Dread to charge too.

Iron snakes making a big right side sweep before converging in the center.

Deathguard converge in the center and push my left.

I wound the Sorcerer and take out all but three Deathguard in the Right/ Back.

I am ineffective in CC, take out a couple daemons, and lose a couple.


The dread becomes immomilized (#$%$#$%&^$^%#)
One squad assaults the Boss Sorcerer, one squad assaults the two Deathguard.

The sorcerer gets wounded again, I lose 4 marines.
I lose one marine and kill none of the deathguard.

The pred moved up, took a potshot and killed another Tac Marine.

a couple daemons fall, a few marines fall.


Continued assaults...

Assault marines go down by the handful to the sorcerer, thw Sorc is untouchable. Vet Sgt is all that is left against him now.

The two deathguard are rock solid, I lose one marine and blow the leadership test, and fall back almost entirely intact.

I lose almost the entire tac squad killing daemon group one, and half of one on group two.

I'm blocked behind a damn rhino. A dread is stuck immoble. I have an assault squad in the middle next to the objective...he has three squads, partials.

It's 20:50/ 8:50PM
Gotta be out by 9!

I lost track of time.
He had three partial squads on/near the objective and a tank. I had a boatload."On The Way". The vast majority of my force survived (lost a whole tac squad and a half, and a whole Assault squad.

Victorious Slaughter for the Deathguard!

I hate playing scenarios!

I get so focused on killing guys that I don't think in terms of depleting units down to non-scoring.

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deathguard prevail muhahaha :p

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Very nice game. I can see the Deathguard player obviously knew what he was doing, very representative of my view of the Space Marines longing for glory and hatred to Chaos deterring them away from their real mission. Deathguard's new motto should be: "Silent but deadly." :puke:

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Very nice game. I can see the Deathguard player obviously knew what he was doing, very representative of my view of the Space Marines longing for glory and hatred to Chaos deterring them away from their real mission. Deathguard's new motto should be: "Silent but deadly." :puke:
Yeah, the Deathguard Player is hella good, and a cool guy to boot!

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My best friend is a veteran DG player. They can soak up so much damage it's rediculous... Loved the emotion of your dread getting immobilized! Nice report El.

I'm just jealous you use Snakes. Abnett's latest has me wanting to play them oh so badly.
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