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Most of the good stuff has been covered above. A couple things I live by with my Orks.

Every nob in a boyz squad needs a Power Klaw and a Bosspole - No ifs, ands or buts.

Every warboss needs a power klaw and cybork body at a minimum - the str 10 klaw is needed. I usually throw mine on a bike and toss him in with other bikers. Which leads me to my next point.

Why field warbikers when you can field nob bikers. Wound allocation is key with nob bikers, as is painboy, waagh banner, power klaws and big choppas.

If going Mek or Kans, always have a KFF around.

Why take a trukk when you can take a battlewagon? If you take a battlewagon why not throw a deffrolla on it.

Big shootas are always worth it over the rokkits.

Shoota boyz > choppa boyz.

Those are things always in my head when building ork lists. If you want a typical list I might run in a comp. setting, PM me.
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