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So to build a good Ork army you basically have four general concepts that you can pick from and then expand upon to get you where you want to be. You have the two foot slogan list; green tide hoard and killer kan wall. And then you have the two mech list; speed freaks in trukks, and then the o’ so delicious cheesy battlewagon list.

Notice how each concept has roughly the same amount of movement points. Having your force advance evenly is key. If you deviate from that you’ll be attacking in waves and thus making the opponents target priority decisions all that much easier in addition to thinning out your fire power. And secondly also notice how each list has a way to maximize the number of troops that get into melee, wither its through sear numbers, cleaver use of units, speed, or pure tank awesomeness.

The two list provided by OrkByTheGraceOfGork meet the guild lines applied above and thus are effective list. The list you provided mixes too many ideas to be effective; you have walkers w/ a big Mek that does not have a KFF so it can’t be an effective wall list. 40 foot slogan boyz is not nearly enough for a green tide list, and the battle wagon will attract all the ant tank on the field because it’s all by it’s lonesome. And you storm boyz and bikers will be torn to shreds when they launch ahead of the rest of your army.

So think about which type of army you want, and then use about 2/3 of your points to make the concept work and fill in the rest with the fun fluffy stuff you like.

Also some side notes; tank busters are no good, PK are a must for your nobz w/ boyz(so don’t drop them) as is boss poles, Zagstruck will kill your units more than he will kill the enemy, your war bike mob is too big break it apart so you can add another nob with PK, and yes that nob needs a PK also(it’s your best bet to kill armor), and battle wagons are best with a deffrolla over a big gun(it’s more fun too.)
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