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Please, you injure me! You say this as if my Guard minis aren't mutants of the lowest stripe kitbashed from half a dozen kits...

(well, okay, the Death Korps aren't, but they were part of a dirt cheap bundle deal from a friend for 50-odd of them with half a dozen tanks for $75. Most of my Guard minis, then)
If you went Vraks as well you could go Ordnance Tyrant and have
Basilisk, Medusa, Griffon, Wyvern, Colossus tanks and Earthshaker & Medusa Artillery as Heavy & Elite choices.
Quad and Heavy Mortar Artillery batteries as non compulsory troop choices.

When any friendly model within 12" of your warlord shoots a weapon with Barrage and Blast rules, you can hit friendly friendly models so long as the central hole is over an enemy model. Also the blast may also target units locked in close combat.

Then have it as a The Purge Battleforged Detachment:

Compulsory: 1 HQ, 2 Elites
Optional: 1 HQ, 8 Troops, 4 Elites, 4 Heavy Support, 1 Fortification, 1 Lord of War


Only usable by Chaos Renegades OR Chaos Space Marines

May only take Marks or Devotions of Nurgle


SALT THE EARTH: When a model from this detachment fires a barrage weapon with the blast type, leave the template after resolving all damage until the controlling player's next turn. The area under the template is considered Dangerous Terrain.

Forbidden Munitions: Flamers/Heavy Flamers may be upgraded to use chem flamers for free, and missiles launchers may take chemical rockets for free.

Chem Flamer: Template, S4, AP5, Assault 1, Shred, Get's Hot
Chem Rocket: 48", S4, AP5, Heavy 1, Blast, Shred, Get's Hot

So no need for those smelly troops :p

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