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While fewer points by using a regular Farseer is certainly welcomed, and possibly needed if you cant find another place to generate points enough for something else that is important, (Though you have most bases seemingly covered. Maybe another BL?) I can never see taking him as a bad move when the points allow. He has so much multi functionality that he always seems to find ways of becomming usefull for me, even when it didnt seem he would be on paper.

Now that being said, I dont really see where you plan on placing him to make full use of him. If you put him with the Dire Avengers, he seems to be working at reduced capacity on a death dealing scale as whatever squad he is with should be a deadly aspect to an army in my opinion. (Dont get me wrong, I love using a Farseer in a support role. But Eldrad is just so well built for killing things that it is the one thing I always try to have him doing at all times)

So the only time I'd say you deffinitely should pull him from the roster is when you dont have a deadly unit to back him up. And five Dire Avengers is not exactly a fearsome brute squad. =) The Fire Dragons however, should you want to keep the troops all in the same numbers, would be a good spot for him I think. When every shot counts, guide is a serious boost for their fusion guns. And they MIGHT survive longer than one turn outside a tank when they have fortune on them. Not to mention the three wounds and impressive invulnerable save on Eldrad himself to soak up some incoming fire. And if something were to assault them, his power weapon might help even the score. So for my money, Those Fire Dragons would be where I park my biggest scariest Farseer. =)
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