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Just came up with a new semi-competitive list going. Not too fond of the newer stuff so kept it kinda old school.


Termi Captain


5 Termies w/Land raider crusader dedicated transport


10 Marines w/flamer+Lascannon

10 Marines w/missile launcher

10 Marines w/plasma gun+Heavy bolter

10 Marines w/Lascannon

10 scouts all w/sniper rifles


5 Devastators w/4 Heavy bolters

Vindicator w/siege shield

Thunderfire cannon

Total 1750

The basic idea behind this is that the captain and termies are gonna be in the land raider and hit the enemies vital positions. Objectives, tanks or that one thing that really needs to go down. *coughs* Tau riptide.

The marines will be split up into combat squads. The ones with the flamers can move forward behind the crusader or just sit back and wait for say nids to come into range. Anti-tank stuff is spread out to take on multiple targets and also I didn't wanna put all those expensive lascannons and missiles in one squad. The scouts will sit back, hold an objective and just take on targets of opportunity.

I think the heavy stuff is pretty self explanatory. Devies and thunderfire will desimate troops lines. The vindicator is..well...big huge cannon, awesome model and great at ripping deepstriking termies in one go.

So ye any helpful hints and tips would be much appreciated. I was considering the centurions and the one new flak tank in the new dex. But really the stats seem abit disappointing.

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I don't know if you care, but you don't have anything to bring down a flier (I personally don't either in my lists).
What chapter tactics are you going to go with?
I personally think you have too many combat squads, I'd suggest taking both Lascannons and place them in their own 5 man squads, then take a 10 man squad with a flamer. I think a full 10 man squad together is very intimidating even with just bolters.
I also feel like 10 scouts is a bit excessive, hopefully they won't be a target priority and you can loose a few of them to give your devs some meat shields. Also I'd give them cloaks, put them in the same ruins as ur TFC and enjoy a nice 2+ from ur tech marine +cloaks.
If you plan on your Termies killing vehicles, you may want to invest in a chainfist or two. Maybe also a cheap heavy flamer, this would make them very versatile (also if the vehicle you're gonna kill is an open topped transport all the better)
It's a good list though, I love the amount of power armor people you fit in :)
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