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This was just a conglomeration of some ideas that I had. I don't know if this list is possible and someone please tell me if it's not legal, and refer me to where the info is.

Just a for fun list that I came up with that I may want to play with someday. Seeking thoughts on the list.

Big Mek w/ Mega FF, Warbike, Power Klaw (160 pts)

10 Gretchin w/ Runtherd (35 pts)
10 Gretchin w/ Runtherd (35 pts)

Fast Attack:
5 Deffkoptas w/ TL Rokkits (150 pts)
Dakkajet w/ Flyboss, Extra Supa-Shoota (145 pts)

Bully Boys - 3x 5 Meganobz (200 pts x 3 = 600 pts)
Blitz Brigade - 5x Battlewagon w/ 2 Rokkits, Ram (125 pts x 5 = 625 pts)

Total: 1750 pts

There will be two empty BW's to take shots up front for the ones with the Meganobz. I almost feel like bumping this list up to 2000 pts so I could put some Tankbustas or something in them. Gretchin sit on back field objectives and constantly go to ground while everything else moves up the board.

The Dakkajet seems out of place but I like the model and it's always been kind to me. I don't necessarily have to keep it though so suggestions are appreciated.

I've had great success with Deffkoptas in the new codex and they have always been a thorn for my opponent. These will stay.
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