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Here's a list I made for fun. My lists tend to be mostly Slaanesh with a two-way between Nurgel and Tzeentch. Also, I am generally very inclined to use Fateweaver since he has done very well for me so far and he goes pretty well with Masque since Masque has the nice 3+ invuln
Fateweaver 333
The Masque 100

Daemonettes x 9 w/Transfixing Gaze 131
Daemonettes x 9 w/Transfixing Gaze 131
Plaguebearers x 8 w/Icon 145
Plaguebearers x 7 w/Icon 130
Horrors x 9 w/Changeling 158

Fiends x 4 w/ Unholy Might 130

Fast Attack
Seekers of Slaanesh x 10 w/ Transfixing Gaze 180

Heavy Support
Daemon Prince x2 w/ Mark of Nurgle, Iron Hide,
Cloud of Flies and Noxious Touch

Total 1748

I've heard some negative feedback about Fateweaver lately but apparently it hasn't applied to me. Either the enemy wastes a ridiculous amount of firepower on me trying to kill him or they spend several turns focus firing him to kill him while my other troops get into a real position.

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The Masque has a 3++, but with only 2 wounds and low T, she isn't lasting long. FW is the same, massed fire will get past his save and once he goes you're in trouble.

Get 18 Fiends, full stop. They are the best unit in the book.

Daemonettes are too fragile and not killy enough.

PBs are awesome, but you don't need to field more than 5.

Icons can go, everything should be fast enough that you won't need them.

DPs need wings.

You will run into problems with tanks with so little shooting. That's why I use Tzeentch DPs and chariot Tzeralds with bolt.
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