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Hello brother! i advise you to change your HQ, 2 reclusiarchs? come on 95 points each? lost points......if you afraid of pinning etc... USE marcshall! 10 LD all table :) and can kill anything :).

Now to your list.

Troops :
use meltaguns at your squads 2 its ok and the other 1 flamer, leave the ML and use PF.

FASt ATtack :
add flamers to your LAnd speeders!!! so they can be dual jobs in battle melta antitank H.flamer vs horders :D

you play 4 bikes?? WITHOUT 3 meltaguns? or? 3 power weapons? what is their role then?

Heavy its ok...

Thats for me :) i hope i helped you :D
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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