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I'd reduce the numbers of land speeders and get your captain a command squad. That is what really makes a bike army, since it adds a really strong CC unit to the mix.

I reccomend Kirby's How to: bike armies series, the first article of which is here. He explains much more elocuently than I can why you need a Command Squad.

Hope that helps,

In all honesty I have played with bike armies for a significant amount of time, and a command squad on bikes will NEVER make its ridiculous point cost back at this level.

They only start to excel at 2000 points minimum. And the idea of taking two command squads... :puke:.

The only concern with this is the limited anti hordes. Typhoons help to tip the balance with the frag missiles, but you might what to consider something more substantial i.e. Vindicator or flamer speeders.
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