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Hey so im sure your all sick of blood angels lists but what the hell theres a tournament coming up and id love some input on my 1750 list.

Heres what im thinking..


Libarian w/ JP, Epistolay
Blood Lance, Sanguine Sword
175 pts


Sanguinary Preist x2
1 w/ JP, Powersword, Melta bombs
1 basic bp,cc
145 pts

Sternguard Veterans
x10 w/ combi-meltas
Rhino Transport
350 pts


Assualt Squad 1
x10, 2PP, PF
Landraider Redeemer w/ Multi-melta

Assualt Squad 2
x10 2MG, PF

Fast Attack

Land Speeder
w/ typhoon missles HB

Baal Predator
w/ HB, AC

Heavy Support

Dowser Blade

So a few vehicals, some troops i think its pretty well rounded. SP w/ each assualt squad and the Libarian with the JP Assualt squad. Sternguard in Rhino go out and cause trouble and the LR drops off the other assualt squad on an objective. I think this list is ok obviously i dont want to sit and assualt squad on an objective till later turns tho.... Might get rid of land speeder and an SP and add 10 man scouts squad to infiltrate?

Thoughts? Querries? I have enuff guys for another tacticals squad, Sanguinary guard, drop pod Furiso dread so any ideas or suggestions are welcome!!

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Unleash page is a better power on the Librarian, re-roll to hit for the entire unit is the nuts.

Priests don't need power weapons as a I.C already and will be singled out, keep them cheap.

Rest is too much of a hybrid list, best dropping that Land Raider and getting some more transports and another Baal Pred.

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so drop the PW on the SP? I cant afford another baal predator lol :D and like the LR ive had it do some serious dmg. maybe another assualt squad razorback?

Would you drop the LS in favor of scouts?

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mercer's advice is good on this. keep the Sternguard.

certainly keep the Sang. Priests cheap.

for a loony idea you could put the Sternies in the LR with a priest. uses up a Heavy slot and more points, but it's just a thought.

the main thing about your Heavies as they are is that they should be doubled up: two Preds or two Vindies.

i'd even consider the idea (if you have the models) of dropping all jump packs, taking two LR's with your assault squads and taking two Baals or two Vindies. i'd prefer the Vindies myself, only because it becomes nasty when it has such a better range due to being Fast.

good hunting.

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I'd say drop the LR and let the Assault squad do what they do best, assault. BA are great at that and a LR just adds points to your list. I'd say equip your AS with inferno pistols and some flamers for extra punch. And as JC40KBA said, add a furioso or two. Hope that helps, and good luck in the Tournament!
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