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1750 BA inspired by Jace

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So I know it's not an all infantry list like Jace's, but it's more bodies and less armor than I typically field. At least without taking mass bikes. Just finished a game against the White Raukaan army I posted this weekend and it won out 8-4 (2/5 objectives, linebreaker, and warlord) - (1/5 objecctives, first blood). Both armies took very heavy casualties though. I used the Flesh Tearer's Detachment which lets me bring 6 fast attacks and gives my units rage when I roll 10+ to charge. But here it is!


5x Scouts (Cloaks, Snipers)

Death Company Dread (HF, DP)

10x Assault Marines (2x Hand-Flamer, 2x Flamer)
10x Assault Marines (2x Hand-Flamer, 2x Flamer)
10x Assault Marines (PF, 2x Melta)
10x Assault Marines (PF, 2x Melta)
10x Assault Marines (PF, 2x Melta)

Vindicator (Engines, Dozer)
Vindicator (Engines, Dozer)
Vindicator (Engines, Dozer)


I just realized I was ten points shy... oh well.

I also didn't realize that BA Vindi's don't come with storm bolters. That was fun when I got a weapon destroyed result. I also missed the Veteran SGTs on the melta squads. Not so much for the Ld boost, but the extra attack with the power fist.

I'm not very good with the new BA codex so any help is always appreciated!
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Got any ideas on dev loadouts or a different alpha unit?
Lascannon Devs and Sternguard with Combi-Grav/Melta.
The 5 man assault squad with the free rhino pans out to 8 points per marine (after subtracting the cost of an actual fast rhino)
I would like to see this math. Is the sacrifice of their Jump Packs worth nothing? I just checked the BRB, and the Fast vehicle type doesn't affect the passengers (in that there's nothing that contradicts the statement on how a vehicle's movement affects passenger's shooting) only the weapons mounted to the tank. Not to mention now your assault unit (despite their anti armour kit) can't assault out of their transport, could get pinned by a wreck, and can't assault the turn after they disembark a wrecked vehicle. With JPs not only can they Deep Strike close in suddenly (and accurately depending on your Warlord Trait) which helps their Meltas, but they can move 12" while maintaining proper shooting function and still charge afterward.

Assault marines are 1 point more than double what 1d4chan states, I really don't get how they lose half their points cost because they ditch their actual speed and mobility for a metal box to hide in (that, when popped, renders the unit almost entirely useless).

Drop Pods, brother. Drop Pods.
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The tactics you propose are sound, but the Rhino is worth less than its stated value (that you have under-cost in your post) because of the loss of JPs. If we look to the worth of JPs as a unit upgrade in other units like the DC and Vanguard, that will reduce the points value of the Rhino in this situation by 15. Keeping that in mind we're subtracting the JP's worth from the Rhino before we reduce the unit's base cost and divide by the number of models, which comes out to 11 points per model in a Rhino and 13 per in a Drop Pod. I know the Codex says it's a free Rhino/Drop Pod, but wargear has value.

She's cost efficient, but not that cost efficient.
Yeah, I wish that Over-Charged Engines were an upgrade option for all BA vehicles instead of auto-included on Rhinos, RBs, and Baals (though the latter two would pretty much always get it).

You could always equip a second Stormbolter for max shots with a 12" movement if you really really wanted. Pretty sure GW's just trying to push that BA want to get in as close as possible as fast as possible...but Rhinos really don't need to.
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