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1750 BA inspired by Jace

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So I know it's not an all infantry list like Jace's, but it's more bodies and less armor than I typically field. At least without taking mass bikes. Just finished a game against the White Raukaan army I posted this weekend and it won out 8-4 (2/5 objectives, linebreaker, and warlord) - (1/5 objecctives, first blood). Both armies took very heavy casualties though. I used the Flesh Tearer's Detachment which lets me bring 6 fast attacks and gives my units rage when I roll 10+ to charge. But here it is!


5x Scouts (Cloaks, Snipers)

Death Company Dread (HF, DP)

10x Assault Marines (2x Hand-Flamer, 2x Flamer)
10x Assault Marines (2x Hand-Flamer, 2x Flamer)
10x Assault Marines (PF, 2x Melta)
10x Assault Marines (PF, 2x Melta)
10x Assault Marines (PF, 2x Melta)

Vindicator (Engines, Dozer)
Vindicator (Engines, Dozer)
Vindicator (Engines, Dozer)


I just realized I was ten points shy... oh well.

I also didn't realize that BA Vindi's don't come with storm bolters. That was fun when I got a weapon destroyed result. I also missed the Veteran SGTs on the melta squads. Not so much for the Ld boost, but the extra attack with the power fist.

I'm not very good with the new BA codex so any help is always appreciated!
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I found those ten points. I had given my DC Dread blood talons for smashing those MCs I could run into... but in retrospect, even though I didn't deepstrike this past game, a locator beacon on the drop pod may be more beneficial since I should wound most MCs on 2s anyway.
I was actually revisiting ideas for this list last night, so I'm very glad you posted! While I love the fast vindicators, they don't fit this particular list. I'll have to make a meched up BA list to get the best use out of them. They're already fire magnets and with no other real av (aside from the dread) they will get full attention from any and all anti-tank weaponry. I feel that devastators would fit the list much better. I still want a distraction pod to give my guys some time to jump across the board. Terminators may be too expensive and have no scary shooty for the turn one drop though so I may keep the dread just to watch it get turned to mush turn two. Really that's all he's in here for anyway. Got any ideas on dev loadouts or a different alpha unit?
so I read 1d4chan a second ago and found a very interesting point. The 5 man assault squad with the free rhino pans out to 8 points per marine (after subtracting the cost of an actual fast rhino).... so I was speaking of a "meched up" BA army to use those vindicators in, I think I found the bulk of the list. Especially since there are two special weapons and two fire points. Melta drive-by.
I definitely understand what you're saying. What I was saying (and 1d4chan) was that the whole unit (no upgrades) is 85 points, minus the points cost for what the vehicle normally costs is 40, and then what you get (forget about them being assault marines for a second) are 5 T4, BS4, WS4, Ld8, 2A, 3+ save models with furious charge. I'm not saying it's the best build for them, just points efficient in my mind. I can bring a lot of them for cheap and with either meltas or flamers they can still pose threats adequate for their points. Those fast boxes make good LOS blocking for fast vindicators or baals, or if you're like me a feel extra wolfy from time to time, they can screen some thunderwolves cheaper than a 10 man grey hunter squad with the same amount of melta firepower. That being said, the same unit in a drop pod can pull of the screen pretty well too, but you only get half of them and leave your guys at the mercy of terrain if you don't go first.
Makes perfect sense your way. And the rhinos for BA by themselves do seem a bit expensive for what they actually do. The best they can give you is an extra 6" flat out move or a cruising speed stormbolter. Not really worth ten points imo.
1 - 6 of 12 Posts
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