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32- Inquisitor, bolter, hammerhand
127- Canoness, Blessed Weapon, Frags, Jump Pack, BP, Rosarius, Book of St Lucius
120- Callidus
120- 3x Deathcult
559- Grand Master, 9x Terminators
80- Lance Strike
175- 5x Seraphim, 2x Twin Inferno Pistols, Superior, Eviscerator
136- 10x Sisters, Veteran Superior, Flamer x2
80- 6x IST's, 2x Plasmagun
80- 6x IST's, 2x Plasmagun
80- 6x IST's, 2x Plasmagun
80- 6x IST's, 2x Plasmagun
80- 6x IST's, 2x Meltagun

7 independent characters, 9 terminators, 5 jump infantry, 40 infantry, 4 faith points and an orbital bomb :)

Basic idea is a foot-slog up. Like all =][= armies I lack long range anti tank, but I'm not that concerned. orbital, inferno pistols, eviscerators, meltaguns, and hammerhand should make up for it. I lack mobility yes, but I make up for fire power (i think). The GKT's are a big squad, but the only other option would be to drop DC's, which i hear are super good. So I dunno. Psycannons to me are too expensive for what they do, and i lose true grit. But you've been playing these longer than me, so what do you think?

C&C welcome,

(thanks to the asian Canadian for helping)
1 - 1 of 1 Posts
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