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So here I am again, with another list based on fateweaver. I found that my daemonzilla list fell victim to massed gunfire/assaults on the first turn, so I looked at a list that included fateweaver. This is what I came up with:


Unholy might

2x5 bloodcrushers
Icon, instrument, fury

6 fiends of slaanesh
unholy might

8 plaguebearers
Icon of chaos

2x5 plaguebearers

2x4 screamers


wave 1: fateweaver, thirster, crushers,fiends
wave 2: bearers, screamers

- I'd probably be better of without the bloodthirster, but because I got a cheap ass FW one, I just have to include it (+ it's a nice distraction from fateweaver and the fiends, because it's intimidating or something)
- I'm not so sure on the screamers, but they're dirt cheap and have multiple functions. If they come in the first wave they can be used to pop transports and hold up things like devastators, and if they come in the second wave they can also contest objectives etc. How do screamers work for you guys?
-I'm not to sure about my wave split aswell. If the bearers come in first, I'm gonna have to play a more defensive game because the other units will get booned piecemeal.

So, what do you think? thanks in advance! Nightbringer
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