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Well you seem to have the IK covered but what about the rest of his army? I see this a lot that people focus on taking out the IK while the rest of the army kills you off. It does feel a little slap dash almost like you want to make it a speed freaks list but then want a dakka army as well. It may work for you and blessed Mork and Gork if it does but I will make some suggestions.

Big Mek on bike with SAG. He doesn't need the lukky stick the mega armoured warboss does. You don't want the big mek anywhere near CC. Use the range of the SAG to shot things like tightly grouped troops and if you have nothing to shot at take a pot shot at the IK you never know you might roll a 12. Instead I would give him a gitfinda increasing his BS2 to BS3 as long as he doesn't move. I use my big mek on a bike alone I find a good spot to put him and let him blast stuff. The bike is good for armour saves and to get his butt out of bad spots in case of deep strikers, scouts or he shoots him self across the battlefield.
Now that said I would let the Nob bikers go do what they do best. Give them some combi-scorches a couple of big choppas and send them at the troops or have them follow the warboss and the MANZ to help rip stuff up or split off to attack a second unit. Also remember the dakka guns on the bikes can shoot at flyers.
I want to say add a Kustom Force Field to the big mek riding with the lootas to keep them alive longer.
Lobbas would be something to consider. I love them against armies with troops that have low armour saves AM, Nids, Tau, Orks. No line of sight required you just hide them and start dropping bombs on the troops.
Another thing to consider Big Shootas on all the trukks to take out things nice range and decent strength you can shoot up a unit that the boyz are going to charge.

Well that's it for now. Good luck and bash 'em good.
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