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Heya guys.

I kinda need som advice, with a list. I'm playing 1700 points against Astra Militarum and I know he's fielding an Imperial Knight, seeing as he gave me fair warning :p On top of that, last time i fielded 3 (yes 3!) flyers, so I'm assuming he has at least 1 or 2 flyers this time around.

Still waiting for the mailman to bring me that last to trukks I need for this list so hopefully they get here today. They should.

Here goes with the list:

Big mek, mega armour, BP - 80
Big mek, bike, SAG, Lucky stikk, bp - 140
Warboss, megaarmor, bp - 105

5 Meganobz, one with killsaw (in case of knight), deicated BW, reainforced ram, boarding plank, 1 x rokkit launcha - 345
12 Tankbustas, nob, bp, pk, trukk w. reinforced ram - 231
4 x nob, bike - 180

12 trukk boyz incl. nob bp, pk, trukk - 142
12 trukk boyz incl. nob bp, pk, trukk w. reinforced ram - 147
10 gretchin, runtherd - 35

2 x Deffkopta w. TL rokkit launcha - 60
2 x Deffkopta w. TL rokkit launcha - 60

Heavy support:
10 lootas, trukk w. reinforced ram - 175

To explain the reasoning behind this list because I know it seems a bit slap-dash:

Big mek in megarmor in the trukk with 10 lootas to give them slow and purposeful, so they can go 12" in the trukk and still shoot full ballistic, and they move 12" instead og possibly 6", which gives a mobile AA unit.

Big mek on bike with SAG = mobile large blast ap 2. Ofcourse accompanied with 4 nob bikers to provide wounds and extra dakka.

Tankbustas are dedicated to the IK. Lost of rokkits and meltabombs.

Meganobz with warboss in battlewagon to reak havoc whenever they can get glose to something.

Deffkoptas to maybe take som HP's of the IK. Two units to get on either side of it so on side will avoid the shield.

Generally, this list is to give him as many targets as possible because everything potentially can take Hp's of the IK with PK, rokkiits, melta bombs and killsaws.

Any thoughts are more than welcome.

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The tankbustas and the deffkoptas are for the IK. The rest is for bashing the rest of the army.

Reason why I gave the big mek lucky stikk is; 1. to reroll armorsaves (minor) and 2. Rerolling scatter dice, since i can't bring ammorunts. But you're right. The warboss is probably better of with the stikk.

But yeah. You're probably right, concerning the Big mek on bike. Just park him somewhere and move him as need be and let the nob bikerz do their thing.

Reasoning behind the lootas and big mek in mega armor is to give them slow and purposeful so they basically can do the same thing as the big mek on bike. move away from shit, but still shoot full balistic even if you move 12" in the trukk.
The lootas and big mek in mega armor is a first time, trying it. Just wanna see how they work. But yes the KFF was in my considerations.

Unfortunately I hav eno mek guns (yet!!), otherwise I would have been using lobbas :)

Thank you for the input!
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