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You're kinda saying your are not looking to use units you don't have. It's hard for us to recommend changes to your list :( when you don't have any maneuverability. You can increase one of the groups to a 10 man squad and then combat squad them (it effectively gives you another squad, just smaller ones) They can sit on home objectives to try to stay safe... Try to give the Ironclad a drop-pod, land it right on the border of rapid fire range and he will scare their army from getting close to your sternguard, just stay at least 13 inches away, preferably in cover for the -2 charge range, then when your ironclad pops you walk up within 12" (or 9" for some ammo) and unload your nastiest ammo... Do I think you can win with that, yes, against lists where your grav-guns have something to harass. However against a 'green tide' style army, or nids, you'd have to roll really well to make sure you don't get swarmed in close up. 2 attacks help, but you still die like a regular marine...

One thing to note is that your army will look as cool as Jesus fighting a carnifex with a burning cross, if you have the actual models for them all! :good:
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