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i tried to make this list as competitive as possible, while still being fun to play, so here it is

Rune Priest: wolf tooth necklace
Ulrik the Slayer

5x Wolf Scouts: Power Weapon, MotW, Heavy Bolter: 110pts
6x Wolf Guard: 2x Power Weapon, 1 pair Wolf Claws, TH, SS, Storm Bolter, Frost Axe, Power Fist, Rhino : 306pts

9 Grey Hunters: Power Fist, Wolf Standard, Drop pod: 205pts
9 Grey Hunters: Power Weapon, Wolf Standard, MotW, Drop Pod: 210pts
8 Grey Hunters: Wolf Standard, MotW, Rhino: 180pts

Heavy Support
6x Long Fangs: 3x ML, 2x Lascannons, Razorback: 210pts

Total: 1501pts

so please comment
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