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Deffdreads shouldn't have rokkit launchas...they have BS2 and they're suppose to run towards the enemy and bash them to a pulp. Give them all CCW to make them a beast in battle, and leave the shooting to your BS3 Killa Kanz.

Plus you only have 1 Big Mek, you can't bring 2 Dreads as a troops choice. You'll be DQ'ed for that. :p

Your army lacks of speed, which a proper heavy shooty/template/quick moving army (Tau/Eldar/IG/Dark Eldar) can tear you to pieces before you even come near him. You may need TL rokkits deffkoptas or TL rokkits buggy as a distraction unit and to get shots at the enemies vehicle side/rear armor. Consider taking another KFF Big Mek as well for that increased cover range and the legal way to get another Dread as a troop choice. :p

The Big Mek can't last in battle and there are too many AP4 weapons out there, so drop the 'eavy armour. You can keep the Cybork body if you want.

Your Boyz Nob should have a Bosspole (its just 5 points!), especially if they are just 20 of them footslogging. The enemy can easily drop templates and force you to check for leadership and run away from the board, never to be seen again.
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