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So as it says I'm starting playing again after many years I've kept painting and I've amounted so many minis it's about time I started playing properly again
Any help and alive with this list would be great cheers

Harold deathwolf

5 wolf guard terminators all TH/SS

6x grey hunter-melta gun and CCW, drop pod with locator becon, wolf guard pack leader-frost axe and combi melta.
6x grey hunter-melta gun and CCW, rhino, wolf guard pack leader-frost axe and combi melta.

3 thunderwolf cav, all with storm shields and leader with thunder hammer rest CCW. Melta bomb
3 thunderwolf cav, all with storm shields and power fists.

long fang pack with 2 flakk missile launcher, 2 regular missile launcher, razorback with lazplaz

The idea is to run Harold and the thunder hammer thunderwolf and out flank to start, drop GH in drop pod in behind enemy zone and trap enemy targets between with PF thunder wolfs. Use long fangs in obvious role and using the flakk with sky fire if needed on flyers, use GH In rhino to secure objectives where needed, then deep strike terminators on locator beacon pod
So in the first turn I'll have Harold, 3 thunderwolf, 5 terminators and a melta GH pack all in enemy deployment zone. With the powerfist Thunderwolves closing in on hard targets and rhino GH securing what I need whist long fangs pick off what I see.

Simple idea and trying to plan for all eventual out comes

What do you think
Cheers guys

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Surprised no one has replied to this, apologies wolf brother!

Seems a good list, but a few things I am confused about. How are you getting Harold and the thunder wolves (sounds like a 80s punk band) and the terminators in the enemy deployment zone on turn 1?
Outflank and deepstrike still need reserves rolls, which don't start till turn 2. So the only thing coming in turn 1 is the melta grey hunters in the drop pod.

I reckon this is due to modelling purposes, but I wouldn't stick any melee weapon on the drop pod guys, with so few models on the board turn 1 any weapon that isn't in range of the powerfist wolves is going to turn on these guys, I feel you will be lucky they see any form of melee combat.

As great as outflanking thunder wolves sounds, I really feel it hampers this list due to your serious lack of models. Reserves are a cruel mistress, countless times my reserves have arrived turn 4 to find their friends pretty much dead while they took the scenic route. Best case scenario you come on turn 2, but you can't assault, so your sat there waiting for a turn 3 charge. With good run moves and poor deployment by your opponent, you can be in combat by turn 2 if you start on the board. I field my TWC as a huge block of wolves running up the table in an arrow formation, helps to negate template harm and scares the living warp out of my opponent. I think you'd gain more from just having the wolf terminators deepstrike and have your wolves sticking close to deathwolf and moving up the board.

Anti-air is an all or nothing affair, you either come loaded with lots or none at all. 2 flakk missile shots will, again on a good day, require 2 turns to destroy a flyer as they can't explode it due to the ap3. You're better off using the points elsewhere. Missile launchers are always a good choice, good versatility.

If your into your wolves and terminators, may I suggest using the Champions of Fenris book? Makes them both WS5 which is a huge bonus, as well as a few extras as well. You would need another elite choice though (as their detachment requires 1 HQ and 2 Elites, not troops) but something to consider later on.

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The outflank and deep strike was me being stupid n getting abit exited lol didn't think properly but cheers
But with the main codex if it's a battle forged army can't I auto bring in 1 reserve per turn ? Which would help but I do see where your coming from
I've been looking at the CoF book and thinking of using 2 ven dreds with axe and shield in pods with a few squads of thunder-wolf cav lead by Harold trying to trap the enemy between just have a spare pod to Make both dreds come in on turn 1 dunno if it's a viable idea to build a list around but would be more for fun
With anti air what's the SW best option ?
Cheers for the help

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It is very easy to get carried away, no worries!

I keep forgetting the wolves unleashed detachment! Yes you can, which can be useful, but in all honesty I feel the one from COF is just more use for anyone using wolf guard or thunderwolves. But of course its up to, whatever you feel happier playing with! :)

Berserker dreads are just fun! Most effective when you have a few dropping in to say hi! Your opponent can easily be sent into panic mode, which is hysterical because without a ranged weapon and only a few attacks they aren't that scary. Very useful as a bullet sponge, with a 3++ keeping them safe from the majority of harm, so long as you position them well. I reckon you could very easily build an effective list around the idea. Smoke launchers are your friend here, pop smoke when they drop to get a cover save for your rear, and then assault next turn. Just try to keep them away from hordes, otherwise your locked in combat for the rest of the game.

If you want to go down a dreadnought route, Bjorn's detachment can be a great way to get them in. Brethern of the fell-handed gives you that sweet 5++ to cover your rear end (so long as your within 6" of Bjorn of course) and re-rolls to hit in combat (great for axe/shield dreads). Stick them all in drop pods and have a dread party! Just be warned that they don't cover your compulsory slots!

With anti-air, it really depends on how prominent they are within your area. Around me very is only a few people with aircraft, so I find a stormwolf the perfect counter. Stick the two twin-linked meltas on and you can very easily down any vehicle with little problem. Hive tyrant got you down? Melta x2 + Helfrost cannon + lascannon that are all twin-linked usually solves the problem in a single turn.
However, if there are more flyers on the scene, I've tended to get an ADL with quad gun and a full flakk missile long fang unit with a rune priest for re-rolls on top of the storm wolf. Three anti-air units (if you don't deploy the long fangs on the quad gun) which can at least contain the problem if not solve it completely.

For this list, I'd say its definitely worth dropping the terms and get some more boots on the table! However, rather than beefing up the units I'd be more tempted to get another unit or two on the field. At 1500pts, 8 units (assuming harold is with a unit of thunder wolves) in total is incredibly small, especially when a rhino has paper thin armour, a drop pod is completely immobile when it comes down and a single lost model from your thunder wolf packs is a big loss.
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