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Hi all, I just started to play W40K and I am going to play SM for some time. Here is my list, please give me some advices because this is my first attempt at building a list :
HQ - 100 points
  • Librarian (Null Zone, Gate of Infinity)
Personally I prefer might of the ancients or smite, I get more kills than nullifying an invulnerable save. Who is he with?

Troops - 595 points
  • 2 x Tactical Squad (7 x Boltgun, 1 x Meltagun, 1 x LC, Sergeant has Power Fist)
Try and give them rhinos. I would replace the first 2 tactical squads LC with either MM or Missile launcher

  • 1 x Tactical Squad (7 x Boltgun, 1 x Flamer, 1 x ML)
Again, give them a rhino. Apart from that good. I'm assuming your sergeant has no wargear?

Elite - 305 points
  • Terminator ssault Squad (5 x TH)

  • Should do well, especially if they are in the landraider (if I remember you can assault upon disembarking from one.) A lot of points though, so keep that in mind.
  • Dreadnought (TL Autocannon)

Heavy - 490 points
  • Land Raider (Extra Armor, MM)

  • Don't see the point in giving a land raider extra armour, depends on who you play, and it has the best Armour available, so it will take a lot to pop it. Another big point sink, so be careful. Be careful, if your terminators are in here, be careful about the land raider getting popped, as your terminators could suffer because of that. And then thats what, 400 points wasted?
  • Predator (LC on Side Sponson)

  • good.
  • Predator (LC on Side Sponson)
Consider changing this to a dakka predator. you got an anti-armour, you don't wanna lag against infantry. And dakka preds can kill a lot.
Please give me some advice, thanks a lot!
hope this helps.
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