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Hello everyone, I am in the process of amassing a 1500pt Exorcist chapter space marine army and am working through list possibilities. I thought Raptors CT would be a good call for exorcists with the strike from the shadows rule to show their low profile in the warp and legendary marksmen gives a feel of elite troops as even a lowly tactical can rend a demon MC.

On to the list:
Captain Agron Jaeger (Lias Issodon)

Legion of the Damned (w) Multi-melta, Melta & Combi-melta/grav 155pts

10 man Tac Squad (w) Grav, Combi-Grav, MM & Rhino 200pts

10 man Tac Squad (w) Grav, Combi-Grav, MM & Rhino 200pts

5 man Scout Squad (w) Camo Cloaks 65pts

5 man Scout Squad (w) CCW, Combi-Melta & LSS (w) Heavy Flamer 115pts

Fast Attack:
Stormtalon (nekid :eek:) 110pts

Heavy Support:
5 man Dev Squad (w) 4 lascannons 150pts

Whirlwind 65pts


Ministorum Priest, 4 Deathcult, 2 Crusaders & Rhino 150pts

Total: 1500pts

The general plan is to infiltrate everything except the dev's and whirlwind for a high pressure start to the game.

I am aware that Grav is only really for relentless units but with infiltrate I shouldn't need to move before I start shooting and with the Raptor CT, being static is to my advantage anyway when the bolters let loose. I should also add I have statistically improbable bad luck with dice with 1 being my most common roll so they are partly my safety scissors plasma alternative. The MM's are a recent addition as they complete the alpha strike load out that this squad seems to have acquired, I could theoretically mulch 2 MC's/TEQ's or vehicles turn 1 with this load out or focus down 1 target with EXTREME PREJUDICE.

Agron (Lias) will do the usual pre-game unpleasantness then infiltrate somewhere advantageous with the camocloak scout squad, with his stealth the scouts have 4+ cover in open ground and 2+ behind almost anything so they should keep him safe while the squad lays down rending support fire and switches to rapidfire on anything that closes in. The other scout squad will do what it's kitted out to do and put the close combat pressure on but is also able to take advantage of shoddy vehicle deployment if the opportunity presents itself. The LSS can always hold up in reserve if it will be more useful as a late game fast mover than an early game attacker.

The LotD will do as you'd expect though I don't now whether to go for combi melta to focus them or grav as a broader focus for if there is no enemy armour (nids etc) as grav can still do damage to tanks but will also give volume of fire against an MC or TEQ.

Coteaz goes with the Dev's and will provide some sort of buff though it's most likely going to be prescience, possibly bio if the squad needs a tank more than a buff, With his rules the enemy will think twice before trying to DS into my long range fire support. So the squad will double as defence for my whirlwind which will also be laying down long range support.

The henchman squad will use the wall of Rhino's to shield itself for the turn it has to stand around before it can start wrecking face. The squad can also be used less aggressively as a counter assault unit for my shooty elements.

Not a whole lot of this list is set in stone so I would love to hear from you about what I can do to improve this list and general C&C is always welcomed. Thanks.
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