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Hi, so, new to this forum but I've been a lurker for a while and got som questions. Going to play 1500 pts army against Chaos and Empire and could use suggestions. Enough backstory.

SO Great Shaman - Lvl 4, Shrunken head and fencer blades - 290 pts

BO Big Boss - BSB, Armour of Destiny - 165 pts
Goblin Big Boss - Giant Wolf, Spear - 49 pts
NG shaman - Dispel Scroll, 75 pts

39 x Night Goblins - Spears, 2 x Fanatics, Netters, Musician, Standard - 232 pts
24 x SO Big uns - Full Command, Add Hand Weapon, Big uns - 299
5 x Goblin Wolf riders - Musician - 65 pts

Troll - 35 pts

2 x Mangler Squigs - 130 pts
2 x Doom Divers - 160 pts

Total: 1500 pts

The troll is supportive for my SO unit and a good option IMO against Chaos. Any ideas for improvement?

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Hi Mate, list looks good however for me you have way overspent on Core, ideally you want to be aiming for as close to minimum as possible (375 points) and use the rest of your points in Special or Rare.

Here is what I would play with at 1500 using the Core of your List with some explanations underneath.

SO Level 4 - 305 pts
Fencers Blades, Shrunken Head, Obsidian Trinket

BO Big Boss - 165 pts
BSB, Armour of Fortune, Sword of Striking

Goblin Big Boss - 66 pts
LA, SH, Wolf, Draonhelm, Tormentor Sword

Goblin Big Boss - 64 pts
LA, Wolf, Enchanted Shield, Dragonbane Gem, Warrior Bane

28 SOBU - 343 pts
Add Hand Weapons, Full Command

5 Wolf Riders - 55 pts

6 Trolls - 210 pts

Doom Diver x2 - 160 pts

Mangler x2 - 130 pts

Ok so I don't think that you'd need the Goblin Shaman with Dispel Scroll, I usually play without a Scroll and don't find it really hurts me that much (usually the Dreaded 13th Hurts the most)

Your Level 4 now have Magic Resistance which goes onto the unit upping the Ward Saves versus a lot of direct damage magic, the BSB has a magic weapon as well as the level 4 incase you face ethereal units/characters that you do not want your Level 4 to face.

I feel that you need more re directors hence the two Gobbo Bosses on wolves, these have 2++ versus fire so you can hold up flaming units/characters (A gobbo facing down a Bloodthirster/K'daii Destroyer is hilarious) I have replaced the Goblin Bus with Trolls as they act in much the same way (tarpit) but can put out a decent amount of damage

Hope that helps
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