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1500pts Necron List

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Decided that Necrons should be my next army, and came up with this list based on what I added to my shopping cart; (Haven't bought anything yet so this can be altered.)

1 x Catacomb Command Barge – 195pts
-Phase Shifter

10 x Lychguard – 250pts

1 x Triarch Stalker – 135pts
-TL Gauss Cannon

10 x Necron Warriors -130pts

10 x Necron Warriors -130pts

10 x Necron Warriors -130pts

10 x Immortals – 170pts
-Gauss Cannons

Dedicated Transports

Fast Attack
1 x Night Scythe – 130pts

3 x Canoptek Scarab Swarms – 60pts

Heavy Support
1 x Doomsday Ark – 170pts

Constructive criticism not only welcomed, but sought after. I plan on breaking my weird hesitence to play with a non-painted army with the 'Crons, so I want this list to be good. The only unit i'd really like to keep is the Triarch Stalker because I LOVE the Spider-Walker idea. I'll ditch it if I have to, but if not...

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So what did you end up buying?

I like the footslogging Necrons idea, but Ghost Arks are just too good to leave out IMO.
Your army doesn't have much mobility, so a couple of Arks would suit it nicely.

I'm guessing the Night Scythe is for the Lychguard? If that is the case, then consider adding a Cryptek with a Solar Staff so they don't get annihilated on arrival :)

I know it's a pretty old thread, but I'm curious to hear what direction you ended up going!
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