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1. What Chapter should I use that would benefit me more.
I'm a fan of Imperial Fist tactics. They'll help your Devs and your Tacticals be better at what they do.

2. Will i struggle to kill anything he has above.
Well, you have over a third of your points total tied up in one 6 man unit in a tank. I'd be worried about that LRR being flat-tired first turn, forcing your CC unit to walk...slowly. At least you've got a Techmarine in there to try and regenerate some HP/Immobilized results. I wouldn't even disembark him.

3. Are my Tacticals wasted by using them to get extra plasma cannons onto the field.
I prefer to keep Heavy weapons out of my Tactical squads so that they never suffer a consequence for being mobile. 10 guys with a Plasma/Melta Gun is typically how I run them, with my Blood Angels I add in a Heavy Flamer 'cuz I can and because it's an Assault weapon.

Another thing that sticks out to me is the TLLC/CCW Dreadnought. I'd find the points to add a Missile Launcher to his other arm instead of the Power Fist so that he's better at shooting, since I imagine he's to support the Devastators.
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