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just wrote up a quick army list want peoples opinions , it has all the models i have minus a couple ill list at the end , maybe try and work them in.

spirit seerer- guardian helm of xellethan 85pts

5 wraithguard- wraith cannons 160pts

5 wraithblades- ghost axe shield 160pts
wave serpent- shurrikan cannon, tl missile launcher 135pts

10 dire avengers- exarch- dire sword, battle fortune, disarming strike 185pts
wave serpent- shurikan cannon, tl scatter laser 130pts

10 dire avengers- exarch- shimmershield power weapon 160pts

10 dire avengers- exarch- shimmershield power weapon 160pts

wraithknight -wraith cannons 240pts

agis defence line, iccarus lascannon 85pts

totals up to 1500pts

all comments welcome , i was planning on making the wraithknight my warlord

not decided what powers for seerer to take yet.

ive also got
wraithlord- ghostglive, missile launcher
war walker - missile launcher , bright lance
5 guardians, with p[latform and bright lance

thats my lot all comments welcome, ive not played a game yet with this force
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