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Just getting back into 40k after a long hiatus. So I wrote this list for my Grey Knights. I'm not trying to be ultra competitive or I'd be taking allies...just good and fun.
Please comment if you got a second because I've been away for a while and I don't know what works well anymore.


Terminators with Land Raider

Venerable Dreadnought

Interceptor squad

2 Dread Knights

1430pts the remaining 70 for upgrades that haven't been picked yet (suggestions?)

Anyways the plan would be to load up the second squad of terminators, the dreadnought, and the Librarian in the Stormraven. The other terminators in the Land raider. Interceptors are to harass/deal with high str/ap infantry and the dread knights are just awesome sauce all around. I considered swapping the terminators in the Stormraven for a strike squad instead to free up more pts for upgrades and gain sweeping advance but I'm not sure about that. I know I haven't listed any upgrades cause I'm totally lost there and need help.

Try to be cool with me guys, I haven't played for awhile and a lot has changed.


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I'd drop the Venerable Dreadnought (Dreadnoughts are just bad in the new GK codex, sadly), and use the points from that plus the 70pts you have left over already to give Psycannons to each squad of Terminators, upgrade the Librarian to Mastery Level 3, give the Interceptors the maximum number of Incinerators (not sure what the squad size is here), and give the Dreadknights Personal Teleporters, Daemonhammers and Heavy Incinerators. If you can change it, the Redeemer or Crusader are better choices than the Phobos (regular Land Raider), but the regular one does at least have Lascannons for some much-wanted anti-tank.
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