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I quite like the list. It is lacking in solid anti tank however.

The Furioso needs EA. Nothing says you have to drop down into melta range of your enemy, sure he's not amazing but I wouldn't say it's necessarily 'suicide' - I drop a single DC Dread at <1500 points and he does 'ok', less well against SM/IG obviously but very well against Nids. Dreads are never going to be tank hunters, it's a fail to play them that way, plus BA have far better options for killing tanks. In my army my dreads are there to tackle things my MEQs/HQ can't - quite often that's Terminators, Tyranid Warriors/Primes, Genestealers etc. A Furioso only has to be suicidal if you play him like so (like I see players drop generic melta dreads) which is not worth it. Blood Talons and AV13 really is nasty, I promise you he will come in so unbelievably useful against Tyranids, just give him EA so he can always move/attack.

Since you're dropping AV13 turn 1 it would help if your RAS were in Rhinos, fast means you'll be forcing any lascannons or multi-meltas to choose targets instead of just shooting the Furioso & or Vindicators/Baals.

Sanguinary Priests can be very useful as Shwartz said above, if you have a spare elite slot grab a few of these guys (they don't need any fancy wargear). But if you're not taking them then why not take another 2 Furiosos in Pods, give these two Fists & EA?

RAS are ok. Thunder hammer & storm shield is too expensive IMO; just a hammer, power fist or power weapon will do.

Baals... Good choice.

Vindicators. My personal opinion is that they're still bobbins, fast or not. If you were playing me there'd be no issue with RAI vs. RAW since it's clearly a type error & will be errata/faq'd soon. Still, I'd drop these for one of a few options just because they're too inaccurate and most canny players spread their troops out (especially Nid/Ork players) get either:

- 2 TL-Autocannon rifleman dreads (cheap and massive firepower)
- 2 more Furiosos with pods & EA (because 3 are better than 1)
- 4-6 Multi melta attack bikes / MM/HF Land speeders. Fast and kill enemy tanks, they also don't run the chance of killing your own dudes which Vindicators do (killed my own CSM Berzerkers too many times to remember!). I recommend these since they can kill tanks and open up transports for your troops/dread to eat.
- 2 Predators with whatever armaments you want, I'd get Lascannon Sponsons and Autocannon turret but there are arguments for the Lascannon turret and Heavy Bolter sponsons.
- Devastators. Just a unit to think about, because a unit of these with 4 missile launchers is dirt cheap :)

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