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List for taking down a really pyshic Nid army; Simples :)
Got taken down pretty badly with my blood angels by a massively pysker list, so I thought Id revert back to my beloved inquisition! shows me for tyring to dabble! :punish:

Anyways, I didnt know if this belonged in DH or Witch Hunters, so aplogies to anyone who has read it in both!

Inq. Lord ( Ordo Hereticus), w Purgatus
2 x Pentitent
2 x Chirugean

Brother Captain w. psycannon
Terminator Squad-Retinue

Inq.(Ordo Hereticus) W hammer of the witches; Hexagrammic Wards

Inq ( Ordo Hereticus) w.hammer of the witches; Hexagrammic Wards

Grey Knights x 8
2 Incinerators

Grey Knights x8
2 Incinerators

Grey Knights x 5
2 x Psycannon

Dreadnought, T/L Lascannon

Dreadnought, T/lascannon

Orbital. Bombardment-lance strike

Comes to 1500 I think near as dammit, I need to redo to Check.

Each Inquisitor goes in each squad with the incinerators; Hammer of the witches is superb , gving with two Inqs. potentially 2D6 perils of the warp attacks on nids, plus with Nids Having some many psykers ( Broodlord, Zoanthropes, Primes, etc.) plus a lot of strom bolter shots for thinnning down the horde and incinerators are always good for Bugs.

The Inquistor lord with Purgatus is just there to dish out Ld 7 on enemy models to screw up Nid psyhic tests, and from what I remember nearly all of the shooting to be coming my way in psyhic so the 2 penitents give a 2+ Nullification save ( Better than a psyhic hood IMO, and cheaper)

The Terminator and the other greyknight squads should be able to dish out enough psycannon shots a turn to bring down a big gribbly. Dreadnought aim for the big gribblies as well, however I dont know if lascannons are the best tools for this as they are unable to instant death any gribbly and seem expensive; is it worth changing to a plasma cannon or assault cannon?

Also , we noramlly end up playing objective based missions, so I thought I would give orbital bombardment a try. Didnt think there was much point in taking the melta torpedo as Nids Have no tanks.

Please C & C


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From what I remember, Inquisitors elites and HQ are 0 - 1. I could be wrong.

Plus, it looks like you are using DH as your main list. In that case you can only have one elite from WH book. Also since you have no DH inquisitor you can't take the orbital bombardment. All your inquisitors come from the WH book so your orbital would have to be from the WH book as well, but you can't take heavies as allies.

I will look at my DH and WH books and give you more suggestions later.
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