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Your list isn't too bad but still got some issues.

First problem is the Sternguard. I think you've got the points wrong as 5 Sternguard at 125 points also why a lascannon? You're paying for that special ammo so why waste it? Anti infantry is what these guys do. Give them a Rhino too.

Why power weaps on your Tacticals? Not like 5 Space Marines are going to win many fights. Switch it for a combi weapon on the sgt and at least you've got some offensive also melta bombs too. On another note you really should get more of these units, the point of this config is to min/max to you get minimum unit sizes but max units. You've got 15 troops models so objective games will be tough for you.

Why combi melta on the devs? They're at range so the combi melta won't be used.
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