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Army Lists
Space Marines

Captain- Master crafted lightning claw, Combi Melta Iron Halo
Chaplain- Power Fist
5 Terminators- Assault cannon
Dreadnought- Assault Cannon, Powerfist
10 Space marines- Seargeant, Missle launcher, Flamer
8 space marines- Seargeant with power weapon, Flamer
9 Scouts- Seargeant, misssle launcher
5 assault marines- Seargeant with power weapon and storm sheild
5 assault marines- flamer
5 devastator marines- 2 missle launchers, 2 plasma cannons

Chaos space marines

Chaos lord- Power fist, bionics
10 Chaos Veterans- Aspiring Champion, Meltagun
12 Khorne Berserkers
10 chaos space marines- Aspiring champion
10 Chaos Space Marines
5 Chaos raptors
Chaos predator-Lascannon sponsons
Havocs- autocannons
Space Marine Army deploy via drop pods

Turn 1

The captain and his 10 man tactical squad land in between two hills to the right of the main chaos force. The dreadnought lands directly in front of the chaos predator, but is unable to damage it with its assault cannon. The 8 man tactical squad land in a wide open space between two large 3 storey buildings. The scout scatters off the table and takes no further part in the battle. Devastator marines, jump pack assault squad and non- jump pack marines land in strong defensive position north of main chaos force.
The chaos marine force quickly moves to encircle the isolated captain and his squad with the raptors attacking from the front after a barrage of fire from the havocs, which fells 2 marines. The captain fells two raptors, but the raptors kill the squads seargeant. The predator destroys the dreadnought with the lascannons. The khorne beserkers move towards the assault and devastator marines.

Turn 2

The assault marines (both squads) charge the khorne beserkers. Both chaos squads accompanied by the lord move towards the captains embattled squad. The chaplain which leads the 8 man tactical squad sees the havocs behind the 3 storey building and sounds the charge. 2 Havocs felled for one marine. Predator fires at devastators and kills one. Devastators return fire and destroy turret. Raptors finished off by tactical squad. 3 khorne berserkers killed for 3 assault marines.

Turn 3

Terminators deep strike to the right of chaos lord and accompanying squads. Kill 2 with storm bolters. Lord charges. Captain counter charges. In the following combat Captain is killed by lord and 2 terminators are pulled down. 5 Chaos space marines pulled down. Havocs finished off by champion. 4 more khorne beserkers killed but 6 assault marines killed. Remaining marine falls back. Devastators kill predator.

Turn 4

Terminators all killed, but wound lord and kill 4 chaos space marines. Khorne beserkers charge devastators. Devastators wiped out. 8 man tactical squad and chaplain conede game.

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