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After a few horrid games of 7th edition at my l;ocal club I am trying this list for size.

I have wanted guard (ahem, Astra Militarum) allies in my lists for a while, and now I have the codex thought I would give it a shot at the 1500pt level.

I am playing a well seasoned Tyranid player, however he is as new to 7th as I am. I know he likes to spam gaunts and 'horde-out' his army. I also know he likes to bring high stength tank killing units so, with that in mind, here is a list I am considering using.

Space Marines:

HQ- Level 2 Librarian with storm shield- 100
Troop- 2x 5 man tactical squads with Missile Launcher and Plasma Cannon: 170
Heavy Support: 2x Whirlwinds : 130
Heavy Support: Thunderfire Cannon with Techmarine: 100

Allies: A. Militarum

HQ: Company Command Squad: Master of Ordnance, Power Fist, Vox caster : 85
Troop: Infantry Platoon:
Platoon Command Squad: Vox caster, Platoon Standard, Melta Bombs and Flamer: 55
3x Infatry Squads with Flamers: 180
1x Autocannon Heavy weapon squad: 75
1x Special Weapon Squad, 3x Flamers: 45
Heavy Support: Leman Russ Squadron: 3x Battle Tanks, 2x Heavy Flamer sponsons: 460
Fortification: Aegis Defence Line with Quad gun: 100

Any ideas/ criticisms are appreciated as I am new with this form of alliance force

(EDIT: slight mishap in the points department. I was a little over the limit (20-25pts) so minus the P. Fist and Melta Bombs, include carapace armour for the CCS and that makes it 1500pts. What does eveyone think to this force? Ideas/changes?)
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