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Mad Mek
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I really want to try out the new Wazdakka, so I have attempted to theme a suitable army without going my usual of all bikes.

I think that it could definitely hold its own against a marine army I'm due to game on Thursday .......

Yea or Nay???

ORK 1500 pts

Wazdakka Gutzmek
Warphead OddNutz
Trukk boyz (x12), Nob (PK,Boss pole); Rokkits, boarding plank
Trukk boyz (x12), Nob (PK,Boss pole); Rokkits, boarding plank
Trukk boyz (x11), Nob (PK,Boss pole); Rokkits
Bikerz (x12), Nob (PK,Boss pole)
Bikerz (x11), Nob (PK,Boss pole)

Rokkit Trakk
Rokkit Trakk
Rokkit Trakk

The guy has a tourney SM army with a few Razorbacks/6 man plasma death combos, 2 Whirlies and bike Commander plus MM Attack bike squadron.

Da kunnin plan!
The bikes take his attention and hopefully smash his small squads (once kicked out by the separate Trakks going a-hunting)
Whilst the Trukks consolidate anything I can gain from the bikes.

A few rokkits around for anti-armour, but I am going to see how the (?TL) Dakkaguns fair against bikes and power armour.
Power klaws scattered throughout are a fall-back should they be needed.

and Wazdakka or OddNutz have the potential to tank-hunt as well. (Heheh!)

Comments please, especially if you have experienced a list like this.

Thanks all

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well i like the look of it i would try to squeze in one skorcha if i could. the dakkaguns
i know their hitting on 5's but strenght 5 assalt 3 with size of the mobs you'll do damage
and your right about the bikes taking all the attention cos if i was playing that army i'd
shoot everything i had at them. Happy hunting
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