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*Edit: Noobish list error, no need to read further (b^_^)b

Hey all, once again I'm a Newb, but I really like the idea of this 1500-2000pt; I've been tinkering around with the list for the last few weeks.

Farseer: Fortune, Doom, Stones, Spear = 133
Council: 5xWarlocks, Enhance, Embolden, 3xDestructor, 2xSpears (On the non-Destructor Warlocks) = 181
Falcon: Holofields, Stones, EML = 180

5xWraithguard:Warlock with Enhance+Spear = 218
5xWraithguard:Warlock with Enhance+Spear = 218
WS: Stones, SL = 125
WS: Stones, SL = 125

Heavy Support
Prism: Holofields, Stones = 160
Prism: Holofields, Stones = 160

Total = 1500

2 Full squads of Shining Spears bring it to 1850, and a squadron of 2 Vypers with Stones and EMLs brings it to 2000 even. I worry about wasting points on the EML on the Falcon, which would have to go combat speed to fire both weapons. I'm considering replacing it with a Shuriken Cannon and giving the Farseer Runes of Warding. Thoughts and comments are very much appreciated.

Cheers :biggrin:
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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