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Best troops to go for would be either dire avengers in the serpent or pathfinders.

You also need to squeeze in conceal for the warlock in the seer council
Agree on the first point;

On the second, why on earth would things with a 4+ invulnerable save want a 5+ cover save?

Also, OP; I don't like foot seer councils.
Basically, it has to do with the availability of firepower. A jetbike council has a rerollable 3+ against most weapons, and a rerollable 4+ against AP3 or better and power weapons. Your problem is this: your guys are still nice and hard to kill with AP3 or better weapons, high-S weapons etc. However, you don't have anywhere near as good a save vs other weapons as a bike council, and there tend to be enormous amounts of that class of firepower available. Rapid fire, shootaz, lootaz, so on. Your beautiful 300 point unit will be killed by the most basic and readily available firepower your opponent has.

I'd consider dropping the falcon and modelling them on jetbikes.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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