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Ok so I'm bored again and thinking of stepping back into the world of the Space Marines again (sold my Crimson Fists a while ago to concentrate on my Eldar and Necrons). I like the idea of the Iron Hands with their bionics and close ties to the Adeptus Mechanicus (I love Techmarines, they look great and I love the way the Iron Hands can be made to look with their bionics).
I'm not a serious/competetive player but obviously I prefer to win more often than I lose to keep my interest up so thought I'd come to you guys for help making an all round versatile type list as I don't want to be spending lots on this 3rd army with buying many different models for many different situations/enemies. Basically I want a decent list that will fetch me a few victories whilst being fun and in the vein of the Iron Hands.

Master of the Forge - Conversion Beamer - Bike = 155pts

Land Speeder - MM - HF = 70pts
Land Speeder - MM - HF = 70pts
Land Speeder Storm - HF = 60pts

Scouts(5) - Serg with Combi-melta/Powerfist - 4 Scouts with BP/Swords (all in LSS) = 110pts
Tactical Squad(10) - Serg with PW/BP - ML - MG = 190pts
Rhino = 35pts

Dreadnought - Lascannon - CCW = 135pts
Dreadnought - Lascannon - CCW = 135pts

Whirlwind = 85pts
Thunderfire Cannon = 100pts
Devastator Squad(5) - 4ML = 150pts
Razorback - Lascannon/TL Plasmagun = 75pts

I think that leaves me with 130 points left over atm which I'm not too sure what to do with. 5 man tac squad in a Rhino or another Dread or some scout snipers or scrap something in here to add their points to the 130 points I have left and go down another route?

I put the Whirlwind in because I just like them tbh and with all these cover saves about.....pretty much the same goes for the Thunderfire Cannon plus that gets me a great looking Techmarine as well. :grin:
The Dreads to hit vehicles from range and then try to tie up the enemies big scarey monsters if/when they get close?
The Land Speeders cos they are great imo and can hit both vehicles and/or mobs equally well.
Devs to hit vehicles from afar (prob sitting on our objective with maybe 5 of the 10 man Tac squad. The 5 with the ML). Add to that the Devs dedicated transport(Razorback) and that should be some good ranged firepower?
Scouts in LSS to outflank?
MotF as he's another Techmarine and gives me something to mod and the Beamer to add more anti-tank from range on his bike?

It's probably a naff list atm so that's why I've come to you guys so I don't waste too much money on models I won't end up using much. :laugh:

Cheers guys.
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