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Looking to alter my Imperial Guard with some juicy forgeworld units that I will explain after the list...

80 - Command Squad:
50 – Primaris Psyker (Goes with Carapace Veterans)

80 – 8 Ratlings

186 – Veteran Squad:
Sgt with Boltgun, 3 Plasma Guns & Carapace Armour in Chimera with Heavy Bolter and Multi-laser.

155 – Veteran Squad: 3 Grenade Launchers, Autocannon. Mounted in Chimera with Heavy Bolter and Multi-laser.

86 – Veteran Squad: Sgt with Boltgun, 3 Grenade Launchers, Autocannon.

85 – Veteran Squad:3 Grenade Launchers, Autocannon. (Tempted to swap out for a 2nd Primaris Psyker and Astropath)

155 – Vulture Gunship:
Heavy Bolter and Twin Gatling Cannons

150– 3 Armoured Sentinel: Plasma Cannons (Favoured Unit for Outflank Warlord Trait)

170 – Leman Russ Demolisher:
Heavy Bolter

65 - Wyvern: Heavy Bolter

138 – 3 Rapier Laser Batteries: 6 man Crew

100 – Defence Line:
Quad Gun

Total: 1500

Quick run down of the forgeworld units; The Rapiers are T7 twin-linked lascannon artillery with 2D6 (pick the highest) penetration and given they can receive orders such as split fire and ignore cover they're an excellent anti-tank unit. The Vulture gunship with it's armaments and the Strafing Run and Vector Dancer special rules making it very agile and able to mow down infantry with ease, much better than the now costly Vendetta.

Overall a balanced list, thou as always I'm interested in some feedback?
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