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Hello everyone, I know there's a similar topic out there but this one has a lot more questions and a lot less locked in at the moment.

What I'm trying to make is an agressive/semi-competitive list (I don't expect to win every battle but I do hope to give the meta-lists a hard time). My Meta has a lot of serpent spam eldar, some taudar and some plain broadside spam tau to mix things up (it's not quite that bad) There are also a fair few deamon lists (screamer stars & grimoires galore). as well as a few marines and some orks.

I was thinking that flyer spam is actually dying down and with that so is the amount of skyfire people bring. In addition to that I am all about target saturation and I like big scary monsters over swarms of gribblies.

My basic list idea so far

Flyrant 2x TL devourer 230

venomthrope 45

termagant x10 40
warriors x3 w venom cannon 100

Crone 155

Skyblight swarm
flyrant 2x TL devourer 230
Harpy w stranglethorn& cluster spines 150
Harpy w stranglethorn& cluster spines 150
Crone 155
Gargoyles x 20 120
Gargoyles x 10 60
Gargoyles x 10 60

Thats 1495pts

I have three synapse groups, I expect Tyrants to die but warriors are low priority and moderately survivable backfield synapse. I hope that will be enough given that the FMCs are Ld10 and aren't too hampered by IB, so it's only the Gargs who really care. The Gargs will take objectives and tar pit and hopefully come back to life and deepstrike on objectives. The venomthrope is there for first turn to provide shrouded, I do not expect him to survive beyond first turn, but if he does he will either advance with the FMCs for more shrouded or stay back with the gargs/warriros to help them with objectives.

The Questions:
1. Gargoyles blinding attack. My interpretation is you take one blinding test for each attack that hits ("each time a unit is hit by a weapon with this ability...") is that the current agreement?
Also gargoyles deepstriking when they come back to life, I have read some people say thats not legal, why/why not?
2. Is there benefit to adding toxin sacs to Gargs? for riptide/wraithnight/MC hunting. Maybe only to the big 20 man unit?
3. I have put cluster spines on the harpies because with the number of flying bases I have, (esp.crones who I want to be vector striking) I don't think I'm going to get them close enough to really make use of the spore mines (e.g. no space on the board). Add to that the main target for the spore mines is light infantry that will be spread out with short range small arms and I want to keep my fragile harpies away from that type of opponent. I haven't seen anyone else doing this though. thoughts? why not?
4. I have put stranglethorns on the harpies because their primary target is infantry not tanks and the S6 large blast is better for that then the S9 small blast. should I change to HVC for more anti-tank if needed?
5. At the moment my anti-tank is 2 crones and back armour shots with 2 tyrants. Is that enough for my meta do you think (meta described above)?
6. I would like to expand this list to 2000pts eventually (one force org). any suggestions for expansion given the meta I have (above)? I was thinking a combination of venoms/zoans, another flyrant and a crone or two, maybe beef up the gargs, maybe add poison to gargs depending on if ppl think thats effective?
7. any other suggestions for improving efficiency, etc?

thanks again

EDIT: updated gargoyle question
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