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I just got back into fantasy, and decided to take on vampire counts, mainly as the models and the general concept appeal to me. From what I can tell core needs to be minimised but be in large blocks, and I would be forced to rely on a number of hammer units and harriers from special and rare. Given this, this would be my first list:

Master Necromancer: 220
Level 4
Master of Death
Talisman of Preservation

Wight King: 165
Battle Standard Bearer
Banner of the Barrows
Great Weapon

40 Skeleton Warriors: 230
Full Command

21 Crypt Ghouls: 210

Corpse Cart: 120
Unholy Lodestone

20 Grave Guard: 270
Full Command
Heavy Weapons

5 Dire Wolves: 40
5 Dire Wolves: 40

5 Hexwraiths: 160

Would this fare well competitively against other armies, mainly high elves and lizardmen? The necromancer would live in the unit of skeletons, near the corpse cart while the grave guard bore the brunt of the assault. The dire wolves would be used as a cheap deployment unit, and would harry lone wizards and war machines, or perhaps tie up monsters. The hellwraiths would harry an elite unit, and draw enemy magic. The crypt ghouls would work with the grave guard in the brunt of the fighting.

Are the hexwraiths useless here?
Should the skeleton bodyguard unit be smaller and an additional core unit be added?
Do I need another, more powerful combat option?
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