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1 -- You forgot to add the points for the Talisman in the Master Necro's cost.
2 -- If the necro has MotD, you could probably drop the number of skeletons a bit as you'll be able to raise beyond the starting size. Add some more ghouls. 21 is a bit small.
3 -- 20 GG is a bit on the small side as well. Their armor isn't all that great and an I-based spell could wipe them out pretty easily. Also, HE elites won't have to many problems w/ just a block of 20.
4 -- You'd be better off putting The Banner of the Barrows on the GG unit and then getting a ward save for the BSB -- *cough* Armor of Destiny *cough*
5 -- Hexwaiths can be a pain but if you're going up against HE and Lizards, they're going to have enough magic to deal w/ them.
6 -- I'm guessing you're wanting the cart for the ASF to the skeletons but the points would be better spend on more GG. The cart can't march, is only M4, and ASF skeletons are only slightly less crap than a regular skeleton.
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