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Hi Guys

I am currently in Tokyo for a while, but I'm plotting an army list for when I return to the UK in a few months

This is the first list I have come up with, I am aiming for 1500pts. Its very shooty and doesnt have much in the way of tanks/transports...
Probably looking to fight Meq armies, hence all the high AP guns.

Also I don't have a codex here J-pan so I had to guess the points somewhat.
If you see any major mistakes please correct them!!

1 x Farseer w/spear. - w/powers maybe 150pts?
not sure about powers, maybe guide and doom?
(I want him in a supporting role rather than an attacking role... any suggestions?)

5 x warlocks, - 200pts?
couple of these guys to go with the farseer and a couple to act as seers for the w/lords. so maybe conceal and embolden?

3 x war walkers, all w/ scatter lasers - 240 pts

2 x wraithlords, - 240pts
1x EML & wraith sword
1x B-Lance & wraith sword

10x firedragons - 150pts
1x wave serpant w/ brightlances - 140pts
(dragons go in w/serpant)

10 dire avengers - 120pts

5 dark reapers - 200 pts

Ok my thoughts are, bit short on CC units and I think either a falcon or fire prism would be good, but i'm not sure where to get the points from.

Also, I know people dont like wraithlords but I really do! especialy when you get them working together, I originally wrote in three!

So, what Improvments can be made??


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First off I only see one troop choice. Basedd on the fact thtat you are shooting for a gun line eldar I would look at dropping the DA and reducing your fire dragons until you have enough points for two guardian squads with weapon platforms. Run your locks one of two ways. In a counsel to act as an anti assault or counter assault unit; run them in the guardian squads with embolden.

I think Guide and doom are your best bet with your farseer.

With a gun line wraithlords I would drop the swords and go with two ranged weapons.

10 fire dragons are way to much. Massive overkill. The WS is the solo vehicle and it is going to get trashed.

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thanks, good points!

Ok, maybe drop the Fire Dragons down to 6 men. (my idea of ten was to fill up the W/serpant).

EMLs + bright lances on the wraith lords

I do need more vehicles. how about swapping the Dark Reapers out for a fire prism? obviously i'm losing shots, but it takes a lot of stress off the wave serpant...??


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How about this:

You can drop the reapers for a Falcon with (holo-fields, spirit stones, eml) this adds up to 180 pts. This saves 20 pts. Go down to 6 fire dragons. At 96 points, you are saving another 44. Put the fire dragons in the the falcon and then use your wave serpent with the Seer and his crew.

Buy a unit or two of guardians, give them locks with emobolden and scatter lasers or maybe an eml. Put them in cover and use the locks to baby sit the Lords. Give the lords two ranged weapons if you can find the points.

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Just a little to note:

2 Wraithlords, a squad of Walkers, and Reapers = 4 heavy support choices, you can only have 3.

The 3 walkers, with all scatter lasers is 180pts.
Reapers are great one shot wonders, but they cost a lot of points and die easily from mass fire, I would almost take them out depending on your other Heavy Support Choices.

I suggest taking 2 Fire Prisms if you think you would enjoy using them. With the ability to combine beams, you can lay a twin linked str 6 ap 3 large blast on those MEQ which could decimate any squad. If you do go that route, and wish to keep the walkers, then your Wraithlords and Reapers would have to take a seat on the bench.

Fire Dragons work best in squads of 6. If you take 10, and decide to shoot at armor, it will almost be a waste. Putting them in cheap Wave Serpents makes them great for taking out a high value target such as a LR or MC.

Dire Avengers are the best troop choice. A squad of 10 with exarch and dual cats with Bladestorm can really bring the pain on a unit.

If you want a Farseer as a support unit, Spirit Stones, Guide, Doom or Fortune are your best abilties to use.

If you want to go the whole mech route, just put your farseer(s) in with your dire avengers and put them in wave serpents. The main Eldar ability is mobility and speed. A gunline against MEQ could work as you can outshoot a MEQ army most of the time. But as soon as you use that list against Guard / Tau, you will get out-shot. You use that list against Horde Orks / Nids, you will get over run.

Keeping Mobile is the key to success with eldar. Hope these tips help.

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cool thanks,

Yea, I am more in favour of the Dire avengers than the Guardians. only problem with that choice is that I dont have much in terms of troops on the field. and if their in a WS then i have none!

I think losing the Reapers is the best idea. Not sure how to make the points for two fire prisms as i kinda want to hold on to my walkers. Plus a falcon is good transport for the Fire Dragons...

If im going up agaisnt Guard or Orks etc, then maybe just swapping out the Dragons for Scorpians would make a big difference...

Question about the farseer, if im kitting out a farseer to the max, is it better to spend a few more points and go with Eldrad?

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